The 109th Canton Fair

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Score: 4.0 / out of 5.0
 Business Travel

Hotels can also Hotel old decoration, a little bit noisy. hotels rise a lot, $ 468 only last month, the 508, a lot more expensive!

 With Children

Price/performance good The room is not too small. in addition to the accommodation, leisure facilities of the hotel did not have any hand. But Hotel good location, near many restaurants, and there are a lot of different flavors to choose from. not far from the Metro station.

 Business Travel

OK Hotel easily accessible, compared with surrounding the hotel, price/performance is relatively good, rooms, equipment is, some smell of the room, air conditioning was strong, rooms are big, health in General, still has a woman's hair, I hope I have improved

 Business Travel

Price/performance, but can also accept When traveling, transportation is convenient, facilities good, surrounding environment, good service and health status, overall value for money, but also can accept, will continue to consider in the future!


Clean and procedures quickly


The future the difference The basic services are not! water, washing out alone and hold! water outflow of the bathroom!

 Business Travel

No CUO Because of recent company, so each time you come this hotel Guangzhou default order, now have a good host, hotel offers an early point, but we have to order senior housing


Will never stay at this hotel again in the future Wrote a review for the first time, thought not to write, but the hotel was so bad, or write it out for everyone to see.


In the decoration coming A bit noisy, the next time you may have moved into.

 Family Trip

Poor impression of the hotel Taimian Jiang four-star hotels, up to three weeks, said the price should be acceptable, health and surrounding environment are also good, but the hotel service is very poor, never had a hotel charge of mineral water to put your bed, hang a sign below small print charges 25 yuan service charge! Free water placed further distance, we booked four rooms, lived 4 days, 2 rooms at night because there are old people and children that is free of thirst, so consumed, which is none, Who You do not see! But we had the room we stayed 4 days, we have not touched, but necessarily so that we drink one, used, and I can drinkOn top? ? ? ? It is full of bottles of water, as you said there is over and I do not know how it is! I catch a plane so we did not you say, I think this hotel is poor and crazy! If people live in this hotel, we must be careful, so that they take away the water, otherwise the bill when he was not sure!