The 109th Canton Fair

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Score: 3.9 / out of 5.0
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 Business Travel

High performance price ratio, good location The traffic is very convenient, East to stand up and walk for a few minutes, the Metro

 Travel Alone

Are hotel Consular visas to the United States, very close to two-minute walk to the. price/performance is also good, near the Metro Centre is very convenient, is the facility is a little old. more crash-the network, although it is free, but almost always break. service very good, on call, drinks in the fridge a casual drink. overall is good

 Business Travel

Recommendation Live this here has business no fewer than five times has. each are live 5-7 layers of administrative large bed room. does not near supply ladder or/f ladder of room now meeting large many. this here location is good, traffic facilitate, near meal Yin plus Turbo more. but Hotel here surface of breakfast is hard injury. also meeting continue continue stay this here, sense feeling all area are also does not CUO, sexual price high.

 Business Travel

More comfortable Business travel is relatively affordable, very good waiter. is there is nothing to eat for breakfast, less variety, and not a particularly exquisite, quite expensive!

 Business Travel

Is it near the Consulate, older equipment From the United States is near the Consulate, is actually the small road opposite. visa is very convenient for people, the price is not too expensive. equipment obsolete, as is a relatively old hotels. but it is very clean and tidy, for going out, and does not have much impact.

 Business Travel

Ambience is good Ambience is good, in the Center, surrounded by Jasco and IKEA, affordable, more considerate and friendly service. is the Chinese restaurant Yue Huang restaurant prices are more expensive, 650 4 person consumption, seems to have not eaten.

 Business Travel

Very good, very convenient. Like, as a reservation. Lived before, location good, particularly the consular visa to the United States, East station, CITIC official. very easy. quiet. this ground parking spaces are found.

 Business Travel

Very good Lived here for the first time, inside the hotel is very clean, very comfortable, service, outside the hotel was busy, but not disturb resting. selling what little there is, next time you must also live here

 Family Trip

United States visa private hotel Really are from the United States Consulate well nearly, visa is easy.

Transport: East away from the train station is very near, arrived about 10 minutes ' walk, if it is out of the airport, take the Subway Line 3 line, down to Guangzhou East station, arrived at f 10 minutes ' walk. eat stuff around a lot, after all, is near the train station. Metro line is Line 1 and Line 3 line has, in the same subway station.

Room: do your homework in advance, soSenior Executive big bed room, felt the room was a bit small, but can also. send drinks each day, this is very good Oh.

Bathroom: bath is really uncomfortable, underwater too slowly.

Service: very good

Room cleaner: this really do not know what to say, asking them to not clean the room during our stay, only need to replace towels and towels every day can. As a result, witnessing cleaner towels clean the stain on the toilet, it is disgusting, I said to her, she would say no, say bath towels to be washed.

Breakfast: breakfast is sent on the first day, but only get one, for convenience, we have added a. daily coffee habit, see their coffee machine still feel good, who knows coffee saw a cockroach inside the machine, scaring the couple dared not drink itA coffee, but fortunately did not drink. breakfast variety is small, however, prices are $ 55, stuff, of course not.

In General, visas, this hotel is right, can only hope that in the future in health attention