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Beach is a complete gimmick. Other are good, beach too bad has, from urban and family to seaside playing, this wanted to figure a private beach, to Hou a see in Xilai log edge Shang 100 m around long of a as wasteland as of beach, four to breaking umbrella, no people take care of, because near Harbour left-wing, water in many garbage are no people cleanup, is bad, also than in large MUI Sha public beach playing. this and I paid has 2000 Yuan a late of price/performance serious hung upside down. This is had has so multiple months, I still couldn't help alsoReasons for criticism.

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Software, not hardware. Room not clean the floor, the floor was spent, the room door with a Western exposure, and corridors without air-conditioning, is too awkward., swimming pool service is very poor.

 With Children

1 star five-star service charges Hotel service awareness needs to be strengthened, the hardware need to improve and upgrade.

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General Services We are the Mid-day stay, originally directed to their private beach, the day it rains, the hotel does not open up our private beach that';s no problem, the next day the sun is shining, they waiter said the bad weather is not a private beach opening up is really outrageous! As a manager on the kind of person to call my husband, also said Dameisha ah you go to, where you can swim, really mad person! Another day Mid-Autumn Festival to guests if the hotel will send a moon cake feel at home, that no, in a Chinese restaurant to eat two meals a Mid-Autumn Festival is a small token of what sort of things people are not happy.


I stay cold call a few days to manage the Housing Ministry was asked whether the phone plus a very bad attitude, said to be increased 200 per day I would like to ask that true?

 Doris Liang
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---- Great feeling cheated money can not buy happy! Because I see the propaganda that Beijing Sealand Bay Hotel has a private beach, before the holidays October 31 is open, only set this hotel. The results disappointed:
1, one into the hotel to find Heidengxiahuo, and next to that glittering Sheraton Hotel in Beijing, compared to the base, as if to a gloomy castle, and no doorman car door. I turned to want to go, persevering use of credit cards can not revoke the guarantee of 1890 yuan.
2, this hotel is the selling point of the hype ---- open private beach, I stay on October 6, still is a holiday, but it closed down! What representations did not use.
3, I set a sea view family suite, arrived at the door, the smell mildew, but the floor was dirty (the floor is actually called the five-star), so I asked wards, the hotel suite to give me change to the Gulf, even plus 270, for a look after only two beds, but only that we have been very tired and had to stay. Who knows until the middle of the night singing voice is still great, I thought it was OK hotel';s karaoke rooms, the customer asked to talk about is coming out, we can see how bad the noise the hotel, even the sound can be passed in the outside!
4, the day we opened the car tired, think of the hotel dining, 6:00Even more into the restaurant, no one to eat, we are not there to eat, only to be next to the Sheraton Hotel to dinner ......
5, when I check-in was 3,000 yuan brush pre-authorized check-out attendants do not know how to cancel pre-authorized, even did it again I 2385 yuan! Negotiations for a long time before I changed to another waiter, tinker with a long time before cancellation. I will never again live in this hotel!


Each to large MUI Sha not Xilai log is jingji Gulf, Hei to log on environment better but room somewhat small, jingji away from sea far has points wins in room enough large, this set of Deluxe Seaview large bed room actually to a 4 floor of. 1180 silver yeah please, you on nerve let I see with street? see with wearing swimming belts lifebuoy of people in street Shang go to go to? what called Deluxe Seaview? also has, you although is associate 5 star also the has a associate 5 star of looks like 's, foreground reception no training had onInduction? do not know how to smile and do not know how polite?

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Hospitality room for improvement, enhance Class fees, first-class facilities, decoration, third-rate service, good service, good facilities, easy to improve the facilities good, service is not good to downright, especially this one take the high road of the hotel