The 109th Canton Fair

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Score: 3.9 / out of 5.0

Easy On behalf of corporate clients, out of transportation. customer assessment of environmental good

 Couples Traveling

Mediocre hotel Poor reception staff attitude, small hotel room, facilities are very old, bathroom very small, on the whole, very average hotel.


From the Guangzhou United States embassies very near, came at a time more convenient visa lived here. just as if prices were going up. over more than 300 to more than 400 now. feels there is no previous concessions. but still recommend it.

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 Business Travel

High performance price ratio, good location The traffic is very convenient, East to stand up and walk for a few minutes, the Metro

 Business Travel

Well, not bad. Because is to Guangzhou handling United States visa, live the hotel is too easy has, hotel front service is good, maximum was surprise is mini bar of beverage can do enjoy! although facilities some partial old, but price good. but has little to to about, stay Shi toilet garbage barrels next to actually has a scattered of coffee packaging bag, should is Shang one live guest dropped of, cleaning personnel cleanup room how no processing off? how many effect mood, worry health status.

 Travel Alone

Are hotel Consular visas to the United States, very close to two-minute walk to the. price/performance is also good, near the Metro Centre is very convenient, is the facility is a little old. more crash-the network, although it is free, but almost always break. service very good, on call, drinks in the fridge a casual drink. overall is good

 Business Travel

Room very old This time I stay is room 1212, very old rooms facilities, TV is fuzzy, the overall feeling, really worth the price.

 Business Travel

Recommendation Live this here has business no fewer than five times has. each are live 5-7 layers of administrative large bed room. does not near supply ladder or/f ladder of room now meeting large many. this here location is good, traffic facilitate, near meal Yin plus Turbo more. but Hotel here surface of breakfast is hard injury. also meeting continue continue stay this here, sense feeling all area are also does not CUO, sexual price high.

 Business Travel

More comfortable Business travel is relatively affordable, very good waiter. is there is nothing to eat for breakfast, less variety, and not a particularly exquisite, quite expensive!